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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ayam Petani Berteur Tanpa Kuning

The 'no-yolk' eggs
Lu Weng, a poultry farmer in China, thought he was cracking up when he discovered one of his hens had begun laying eggs - without yolks.

Baffled Weng, 47, from Fuzhou, in Fujian province, southern China, has been celebrating his clucky break because local restaurants can't get enough of them.

"They sell for 50 times the normal cost of an egg. They think they are lucky and they are something different for customers to see."

"I make more money from this one hen than I do from the rest of the flock put together," he said.

Now Weng has asked scientists if the bird can be cloned to produce hundreds of white egg laying chickens.

"Because her eggs are sterile she will never pass on the gene. If they can do it for a sheep, why not a hen?" he said.