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Saturday, March 13, 2010

How to Think Outside The Box

shared this beautiful story:

There was 4 candidates for a job interview. The interviewer gave them the same situation with many options:

“You were driving a sport car in a thunderstorm, heavy rain, hurricane, at a dark night. You were then passed by a bus stop where 3 people were waiting for the bus.

The first one was a very sick, old lady who might need immediate help. She might die for late treatment.

The second one was a friend who ever saved your life.

And the other one is the girl/man of your dream.

Who would you give a ride?”

If it were you, who would you pick?

Let’s see whom would the candidates chose:

First candidate choosed the sick old lady, for her life is more precious.

Second candidate said he chosed the friend coz without that friend he might not alive today.

Third candidate took the lady of his dream because he rather focus on his forever happiness.

What about the forth? Who would he fetch?

“I’ll give the car key to my friend and ask him to bring the sick lady to the hospital. While I’ll wait for the bus with my dream girl”

Isn’t that so outside the box? Hahaha..huhuhu..