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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tips re saving mobile phone battery.

Terbaca dalam internet. Boleh try test sendiri kalau nak cuba..

If the life of your mobile phone's battery is shortening due to "memory effect" or aging, would you go and buy a new battery to replace it?
Next time when you encounter this situation, try saving your money.
I will tell you a very effective method that you can try and see:

1. Wrap the battery up with newspapers, put it into a plastic bag
and then into the freezer for three days (the newspapers will absorb
the excessive moisture).
2. After three days, take out the battery and leave it in normal temperature for two days.
3. After two days, fully charge up the battery and put it into
your mobile phone and see (this is estimated to be able to
salvage about 80%-90%)
This information was provided by an engineer in a well-known battery
factory. I tried it and the method appears to be quite effective.
In any case, as everyone has a refrigerator, why not try it out and see?