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Saturday, February 20, 2010

This 8 kind of dream : you may be sick

Tip: from the pathological point of view, many physical illnesses, and mental illness, the incubation period, symptoms are not obvious.

Especially during the day, people’s brain activity, brain cells are very excited about the cases, are imperceptibly that the abnormal lesions in vivo potential to stimulate the signal.

Sleep when the brain cells to enter the “resting” status, job function of reduced time during the day to stimulate the subtle signals, on stimulation on the central cortex, so that the corresponding brain cells, there stress response, predictability dreams happen.

And different diseases, with different dreams, and dream the same disease, usually similar.

1. Dreamed of, someone or a monster, beating your head, or to your facial features, irrigation fluid. You probably suffering from brain tumor, and diseases of the nervous system.

2. A dream to hear the strange sound. Auditory center may exist in certain diseases, or near the vascular hardening happen.

3. Dreamed trachea was jammed, breathing is not smooth, suffocation. Respiratory disease probably exist.

4. Has been chasing the dream, the hearts of fear,you cannot move and scream, awakened after a lingering fear, sweating, rapid heartbeat. Are probably the heart of coronary artery insufficiency.

5. A dream, walking instability, twist the body, heavy limbs, and accompanied by a sense of suffocation, and suddenly awoke. Are probably a harbinger of angina.

6. Dreamed of falling from height, but always fell on the ground are not yet on the awakened. Are probably a sign of heart disease.

7. Dreamed of water scenes, such as floods, swamps, drowning and so on. Hepatobiliary system and kidneys, there is probably lesions.

8. Dream was beaten up after feeling pain dream beaten. Indicates the corresponding body organs may have lesions.

Therefore, the experts believe that, if the sleep time and again come from circumstances similar to the above dream, attention should be paid.