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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Raja Nong Chik Keeps Mum Over His Daughter Scandal!

Popular blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has alleged that the government in 2010 awarded a contract worth more than RM30 million to a company linked to Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being Minister Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin.

And this was not the only government contract given to companies linked to the minister, he said in a posting titled “Is this whom you want as MP?” on his Malaysia Today website.

He posted documents to back his allegation that the Youth and Sports Ministry awarded the RM30 million contract to Istijuara Sdn Bhd through direct negotiations on Aug 24, 2010.

 Under the contract, Istijuara was to provide maintenance works for the National Youth Skills Institute’s facilities in Bandar Penawar, Johor.

Raja Petra alleged that one of Istijuara’s two directors was Raja Nong Chik’s 26-year old daughter, Raja Farhana.  “She owns 399,999 of the 400,000 shares in the company, which makes her the sole owner of the company,” he wrote.

Claiming that he had known Raja Nong Chik since the 1980s, Raja Petra said that he was a successful government contractor and it would be easy for him to finance his bid for the Lembah Pantai parliamentary seat in the coming general election.

“There is also the RM1.5 billion EPF funds at his disposal to build the low cost houses that he is going to offer to Kuala Lumpur residents, particularly to those in Lembah Pantai. With all that, how is he going to lose in his bid?

” Last January, Prime Minister Najib Altantuya announced that RM1.5 billion from EPF funds would be used to provide housing loans to those who could not get them from banks.

 The programme comes under the National Economic Action Council’s People Housing Programme as well as the Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s public housing scheme.

Al Capone

Raja Petra posed a question to his readers: whether Raja Nong Chik would be the right candidate to represent the people of Lembah Pantai, claiming the latter got rich at the expense of taxpayers.

 “You are better off with Al Capone,” he said, referring to the infamous Chicago mobster of the Roaring 20s.

Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar told FMT it was shameful that EPF funds were abused to buy votes.

“At the same time, the poor house buyers will be charged the exorbitant interest rate of 6.5%, which will put them in debt for decades,” she said. She declined to comment on the allegations against Istijuara. FMT made several unsuccessful attempts to reach Raja Nong Chik for his comments.